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The project implemented a Feedback and Grievance Process to register feedback as well as to identify and address concerns from project stakeholders. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback about the project. Feedback may include questions, comments, requests for information, suggestions, concerns, and complaints. It is recognised that some stakeholders may have certain grievances and the project is committed to treating such grievances with the same consideration and respect as other types of feedback. The project will work with relevant stakeholders to address feedback received.


Feedback regarding the project can be provided using the following options:

  • Phone: Please call our Community Liaison Officer on +960 7325376;
  • Viber / Whatsapp / Telegram: Send a message to the Project at +960 7325376;
  • Email: Contact us through
  • Feedback form: Fill in the feedback form on this page

Further information about the project’s Feedback and Grievance Mechanism is included in the information leaflet. View the leaflet in DHIVEHI or ENGLISH.

View Greivance Mechanism Flow Chart Here.


How It Works


All feedback and concerns received will be passed on to the project team. After collection of feedback a response will be given within 48 hours.


Screen and assess all feedback and concerns to determine which ones apply to the dredging and reclamation works, and which apply to other issues related to the development of Gulhifalhu. Concerns and feedback not related to dredging and reclamation works will be passed on to the project owner.


Analyse project-related feedback and concerns


Investigate evidence of the concern.


Based on the findings of the investigation, a resolution is sought. If corrective actions are needed, a timeline is set for when these need to be taken.


A summary report containing the results of the previous steps will be sent to the person or persons who lodged their concern.

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    Send Feedback by email

    Feedback may be provided using the PDF feedback forms or directly within the email.

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