Frequently Asked Questions

01. Who is responsible for the development of Gulhifalhu Port?

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

03. When will reports be uploaded on the website?

The environment monitoring reports (water quality and sedimentation) are prepared for submission to the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a requirement of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). The reports will be uploaded to the website after submission and approval by EPA. Please allow for a few days for reports to be updated on the website after this process is completed.

04. Will drone images be uploaded on the website?

Drone photos are currently not part of the environment monitoring program. Inclusion of aerial visual monitoring as part of the monitoring program is being considered by the Ministry.

05. Why do the monitoring reports not indicate names of individuals involved in collecting samples?

Individuals involved in the monitoring process will not be included in the reports for privacy reasons. 

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